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ZigZagSolar at the Global Impact Investors Network

Solar energy in cities; stepping stones towards clean green energy In cities there isn’t much roof top area for harvesting solar energy. ZigZagSolar harvests solar energy from facades with the best looks and the highest electrical yield. In cooperation with technical universities and institutes we developed a product with dedicated…

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NOM: Zero Energy Building

Is it really true ?! Totally NOM? The answer is: Yes! The first apartment building in the Netherlands with more than six floors which is complete NOM. The 78 apartments are optimally positioned in terms of orientation, very well insulated and airtight maximized with optimal quality of living. It is…

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ZigZagSolar Reflection

We have modified the looks of our test facility. We have installed a patented textured reflective surface and a decorative print. We are grateful to our friend Thijs Sepers at TS-Visuals for the superb printing quality. TS Visuals is known for the prints at the Markthal in Rotterdam by MVRVD-architects.

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ZigZagSolar in Corporatiebouw

Interview met Diederick Barendsz   In het juni-nummer van het blad Corporatiebouw staat een interview met Diederick Barendsz, projectontwikkelaar bij ZOwonen, een woningcorporatie met woningen in de gemeente Sittard-Geleen en omgeving. Onderwerp is verduurzaming van het woningbestand, waarbij ZigZagSolar een belangrijke rol gaat spelen, onder het motto: zigzaggend naar de…

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