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Spotlight on Solar Facades

Did you know that there are already dozens of companies offering solar facade technologies for both new and existing buildings? In the Solar Facades review we just published, we answered the following key questions for real estate developers and building owners: -What are the possibilities for generating energy on building…

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ZigZagSolar has qualified for TIP-summit

After several rounds of assessment, ZigZagSolar has qualified for the prestigious TIP-summit. This is a great recognition for the work that have been done on developing architectural pleasing solar facades for truly energy efficient buildings.

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Reporting the performance of ZigZagSolar-facade after a full year: the Eisenhower-project

The company Creteq represents the ZigZagSolar-technology. We offer facade parts and engineering services to contractors and facade installers for building superb solar facades on international scale. ZigZagSolar offers inspiration and guidance to architects and project developers for buildings ranging from architectural landmark-buildings to retrofit-solutions for comfortable housing. ZigZagSolar offers a…

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