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Zigzagsolar is the next generation energy-harvesting architectural facade - with all the pros of both a PV-system and an architectural facade. Harvest energy in a future-proof and easthetically pleasing design maintaining maximum freedom of design for architects.

Roof based PV

Standaard PV-panels faced at the sun

Facade based PV panels

Standard vertically oriented facade based PV panels

Zig Zag Solar

Fully optimized sun oriented PV panels supported by reflecting panels

Reducing fossil energy comsumption

By harvesting energy from the facade less energy from fossil sources is needed.

Optimized orientation

Harvest energy when you need it – in winter, during short and dark days.

Design options

Filled with design options – starting at an adaptive repetition height on to freedom of choice of the decorative panel.

“The sun gives us all the energy we need. Why not harvest this energy on the very spot it is being used.– Wim van de Wall

Non-restricted architectural facade design

by using a combination of a hidden pv system tilted towards the sun and decorative panels facing the urban surroundings.

Smart engineering

for maintenance and cleaning activities around the facade. By implementing an aluminium profile at the front-edge of the pv-panels the system is protected by inaccuracies during maintenance, inspection or cleaning.

Proven technologies

are used to build a rock-solid wall mounting system, based on fixing methods of aluminium facade-cassettes. Horizontal and vertical aluminium profiles are used to create an optimal flattened system for uncomplicated installation.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we just borrow it from our children.– Ruud Derks


For lifetime environment upgrades

Wim-kleinWim van de Wall
CEO / Scientist

xin xu 3aXin Xu
Software / Mechanical Engineer

frank3aFrank Bartelen
Sales Manager

Mohamed Shamir Khader
Business developer (India)

Jeroen Boumans
Building Technology